Reasons for choosing Kanagawa

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Great Accessibility

Kanagawa Prefecture has an extensive railway network and well-maintained highways as its major transportation arteries. You can go directly from the international airports to the camp and to the venue.

Located next to

Located next to Tokyo, Kanagawa has great transport connection to Tokyo via multiple railways and highways.

Close to
the Olympic village

You can go directly from/to the Olympic village via highways. It takes you only about 30 minutes in the fastest case.

Easy access from
the airports

A number of trains and buses in service between the Haneda/Narita airports and cities in Kanagawa provide athletes easy access.

Area Transportation Narita-Airport Haneda-Airport Olympic Village
(Yokohama Station)
Train 80 minutes 25 minutes 40 minutes
Car 85 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes
(Kawasaki Station)
Train 85 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes
Car 80 minutes 25 minutes 40 minutes
(Sagami-Ono Station)
Train 110 minutes 75 minutes 75 minutes
Car 100 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
(Hon-Atsugi Station)
Train 125 minutes 75 minutes 80 minutes
Car 110 minutes 70 minutes 70 minutes
(Hakone-Yumoto Station)
Train 115 minutes 85 minutes 85 minutes
Car 130 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes

Excellent Facilities

Kanagawa Prefecture has a variety of facilities perfect for training camps. There are also a wide range of accommodations from urban hotels to Japanese style inns with hot spring baths.

Facilities where a number of sporting events have been held

There are more than 80 athletic facilities that can accommodate various sporting events. Some facilities have been the venues for international events; some are located in quiet areas. Each of them will meet diverse needs of the athletes and the teams.

Various choices in accommodations

Kanagawa has more than 100 accommodations which are of various types from urban hotels to “ryokan,” or Japanese inns in hot spring resorts. The athletes will be able to refresh body and mind in the hot spring baths and maintain their best physical condition.

Athlete-friendly Environment

Kanagawa Prefecture is an excellent place for training camps, having a climate similar to Tokyo’s and as many registered guide-interpreters as in Tokyo.
All the residents in Kanagawa look forward to welcoming you with a convivial spirit.

Most suitable environment for the athletes’ needs

With similar weather to Tokyo, eastern Kanagawa provides an ideal area for training and tuning up for the games under the same conditions as in the Olympic venues.
Surrounded by greenery, the western and northern parts of Kanagawa will provide a comfortable environment for the training camps.
The diversity of natural environment and climate in Kanagawa will allow athletes to work out according to their need such as recovering from jet-lag or maintaining best physical condition.

Experienced guide-interpreters

The number of registered guide-interpreters living in Kanagawa is the second highest after Tokyo among Japan’s 47 prefectures. There are also volunteer interpreters’ organizations in Kanagawa. Here, you are in good hands.

Abundant fine water

About 40 percent of the landscape consists of forests in Kanagawa. The risk of draught is very low thanks to a stable water supply from our five reservoir lakes including Lake Miyagase. The abundant water resources that we call ‘local treasure’ will support your training camps, which will presumably take place during a hot season.

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