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Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center

The sports complex structure, besides the main arena, provides training areas where you can practice boxing、fencing and weightlifting. It also includes an indoor 50m pool, an athletic stadium, training rooms and an accommodation building. The structure is planned to be completed by March 2020.

Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center

  • Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center

Markers are accommodations

The blue circle covers an area of a 15 km/9.3 mi radius (approximately 30 minutes by car) from the facility

Brief Description of the Facility

Address 7-1-2 Zengyo, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture The Nearest Station(s) Zengyo Station (Odakyu Enoshima Line)
Access From Narita Airport by car: 125 minute(s)
From Haneda Airport by car: 60 minute(s)
From the nearest station: 7 minute(s)
Spectators Seats Number of general seats: Please see the information about ancillary facilities
Grass seating area and other types of seating: Please see the information about ancillary facilities
Note - Facility ID K140000010

See the facility in the accompanying video

Olympic Sports


Swimming 50 meters by 20 meters 8 lanes, 25meters by 14.4 meters 6 lanes


Track Type 400 meters, 8 lanes Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
High Jump 2 court(s) Pole Vault 2 court(s)
Long Jump 2 court(s) Triple Jump 2 court(s)
Shot Put 2 court(s) Discus Throw 2 court(s)
Hammer Throw 2 court(s) Javelin Throw 2 court(s)
Approval Type JAAF-approved type 2 athletic stadium


Badminton 12 court(s)


Basketball 2 court(s)


Boxing Available


Fencing Available


Fields Type Natural grass, Artificial grass,clay Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor


Artistic Available Rhythmic -
Trampoline Available


Handball Available


Fields Type Natural grass, clay Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 26 court(s)


Fields Type Artificial grass with sand (nighttime lighting available)
Number of Courts 8 court(s) Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor


Volleyball 2 court(s)


Weightlifting Available

Sport Climbing

Bouldering Available Lead climbing -
Speed climbing -


Pool: Indoors (warm water, fixed depth 2.0m, 1.2m) Officially approved: (Approving authority: Japan Swimming Federation)

Paralympic Sports


Athletics Available


Boccia Available

Football 5-a-side

Football 5-a-side Available


Goalball Available


Powerlifting Available


Swimming Available

Table tennis

Table tennis Available

Volleyball (sitting)

Volleyball (sitting) Available

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball Available

Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair Fencing Available

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby Available

Adjunct Facilities

Shower Room Equipped Locker Room Equipped
Meeting Room Equipped Training Room Equipped
Facilities for Night Games Not equipped (Auxiliary stadium) Dining Room Equipped
Parking Equipped Maximum Capacity of Motor Coaches -
Private training camp Available

Private training session can be conducted only in the gymnasium.
Lodging facility: Available

Equipment for Paralympians

Barrier-free (wheelchair friendly) Not available Braille display for visually impaired people Not equipped
Note ○ Second Arena
Wheelchair basketball, Boccia, Wheel chair fencing,
Goalball, Wheelchair Rugby, Table Tennis
Sitting Volleyball, Power Lifting
○ Ballgame field (artificial grass)
Blind 5 a-side soccer
○ Athletics stadium

Experience as the Venue of Major Games

The 53rd Kanagawa Yume National Athletic Meet (volleyball), The 68th National Athletic Meet Kanto Region games (mountain climbing, soccer), High School Athletic Meet Minami Kanto games in 2014 (fencing)

Information from the Facility

As a main facility for the promotion of sports among Kanagawa Prefecture’s population refurbishing works are in progress
In addition to sports arena’s 2,500 square meters main floor, a second arena suitable for boxing, fencing,
weight lifting and para sports competition area is also under development.
A comprehensive sports facility with an indoor 50 meters pool, athletics field, training rooms and accommodation building with all rooms impediment—free,
it will be available by April 2020.


○ Refurbishing status
・Refurbishing works are in progress and as a main facility for the promotion of sports among Kanagawa Prefecture’s population, we aim to have completed all refurbishing works by March 2020 so we can be ready for any pre-Olympic and Paralympic Games’camps.
○ Main facilities after refurbishing
・Athletics stadium, auxiliary athletics stadium (with nighttime lighting), grass ballgame stadium, artificial grass ballgame stadium, sports arena (main arena 2, 470 square meters), second arena (about 2,500 square meters), indoor pool (50 meters), accommodation building (for 84 people), etc.

・Second arena is suitable for wheelchair sports (with areas for equipment maintenance, storage facilities etc.)
The accommodation facility is also impediment free allowing easy access to guests with wheelchairs

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