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Yanagishima Sports Park

Yanagishima Sports Park is an all-weather athletic stadium. It has an eight-lane track (400m a lap), artificial turf ground suitable for throwing events and nighttime lighting. Locating adjacently to a highway ramp, it is good access from Tokyo. It is Scheduled to be opened in March 2018.

Yanagishima Sports Park

  • Yanagishima Sports Park
  • Yanagishima Sports Park
  • Yanagishima Sports Park
  • Yanagishima Sports Park

Markers are accommodations

The blue circle covers an area of a 15 km/9.3 mi radius (approximately 30 minutes by car) from the facility

Brief Description of the Facility

Address Yanagishima,Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture The Nearest Station(s) Chigasaki Station (JR Line)
Access From Narita Airport by car: 180 minute(s)
From Haneda Airport by car: 90 minute(s)
From the nearest station: 45 minute(s)
Spectators Seats Number of general seats: 1,284
Grass seating area and other types of seating: 600
Note - Facility ID K142077011

Olympic Sports


Track Type - Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Length / Number of Lanes 400 meters, 8 lanes
High Jump 2 court(s) Pole Vault 1 court(s)
Long Jump 1 court(s) Triple Jump 1 court(s)
Shot Put 2 court(s) Discus Throw 2 court(s)
Hammer Throw 2 court(s) Javelin Throw 2 court(s)


Fields Type Artificial grass Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor


Fields Type Artificial grass Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor


Fields Type (unfixed)
Number of Courts 4 court(s) Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor

Paralympic Sports


Athletics Available

Adjunct Facilities

Shower Room Equipped Locker Room Equipped
Meeting Room Equipped Training Room Not equipped
Facilities for Night Games Equipped Dining Room Equipped
Parking Equipped Maximum Capacity of Motor Coaches 7
Private training camp Not available

Equipment for Paralympians

Barrier-free (wheelchair friendly) Available Braille display for visually impaired people Not available


・Yanagishima Sports Park is scheduled to be opened in March 2018. Presently in the stage of designing, there might be some changes in the facility.
・The Park will be approved as Type 4 athletic stadium. (The actual scale of the facility will be equivalent to a Type 3 stadium. However, artificial turf is used for the infield, the stadium falls under Type 4 according to the present rules.)
・The artificial turf infield is suitable for performing throwing events.
・The Park will have a photo finish system and obstacle race equipment.

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